Welcome to Homemadepcb!

Here you'll find an easy way to do your PCB. For now, this site is under slow and constant construction, but I'll try to update all my knowledge every day. About me? I'm from Brazil, an amazing country....I live in a good city, São Carlos, also known as Brazil's technology pole. I'm at 5th year in graduation - Mechatronics Engineering (USP - University of São Paulo), I know, you're thinking I'm crazy, but I'm not! This course is a little bit hard and very pleasurable.


This site is for those who want to learn some skills on making their own PCB's; However, I'm not an expert...Just trying teach some skills that I've been learning since I fell in lv with electronics. Content: Boards machining, tin layer electrolytic deposition method, corrosion mask adhibition - photographic method with UV sensibilization, solder-mask adhibition with UV sensibilization, cure, components soldering. Moreover, I'll talk about some personal projects, such as a UV scanner, a glass tank for corrosion and another for deposition, maybe a controled oven, silk installations etc. I'll describe a little chemistry too.


Hope you enjoy it!


Key words:

Electronics, PCB, solder-mask, UV, corrosion, tin deposition, soldering.


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